Lift and Support Harness for Dogs of All Sizes. Great for Aging, Arthritic, Injured, or Amputee Dogs
  • Custom Pet Support Suit Dog Lift Harness for Aging, Injured, Disabled, or Amputee Dogs

    Please type in your pet's Chest, Belly, and Length Measurements
    Please let us know your pet's Breed, Age, Weight, Gender, and Name

    The Custom Pet Support Suit™ from Animal Suspension Technology

    ▪Wrap-Around Design

    ▪Additional Velcro® Closure

    ▪Adjustable Straps

    ▪No-Slip Fit

    ▪Durable, Heavy-Duty Construction

    ▪Choice of Five Colors: Red, Black, Yellow, Green, or Blue

    ▪Adjustable, Detachable Handles

    ▪Machine Washable

    ▪Optional Shoulder Strap

    ▪Unbeatable Support and Control

    Pet Support Suits are Custom Built to Your Dog’s Measurements. Here's How to Measure:

    Just three quick measurements are needed for us to make a Custom Support Suit for your pet.

    You will need a flexible cloth or plastic measuring tape. Metal measuring tapes bend awkwardly, making it difficult to get an accurate measurement. If you don’t have a non-metal measuring tape, you can wrap a belt or a piece of cord around your pet; then measure that with the metal tape.

    !For accuracy, measure your pet while it is standing or lying down. If your dog is laying, arrange the legs to mimic a standing position.

    !It can be tough to measure a dog. Please take all measurements several times to be sure you’ve got the correct dimensions of your dog.

    A: Chest Circumference

    Measure the circumference of your dog’s chest at its thickest point, behind the front legs. On some dogs the thickest part of the chest is right behind the front legs; on others it can be a couple inches farther back. Be sure to measure the thickest part of your dog’s chest. Additional charges will apply for pets with a Chest circumference greater than 48”.

    B: Belly Circumference

    Measure the circumference of your dog around the belly, an inch or so in front of the rear legs.

    C: Body Length

    Measure your dog along the side of its torso, from just behind the front leg to just in front of the rear leg. We modify this measurement slightly to allow for leg movement and torso bend, so please measure as directed.

    The best way to check this measurement:  Wrap a towel or pillowcase around your dog's torso, with the leading edge just behind the front legs, and the trailing edge folded to lay just in front of the rear legs. You can then remove the towel/pillowcase, lay it on the floor, and measure from the leading edge to the folded edge to get the torso length.This is more accurate than free-measuring along the side of your dog.

    That’s it! You’ve made the three measurements we need to design your dog’s suit. Just choose a color and you’re ready to order an AST Support Suit . Please note: Support Suits are custom-made for the dog that will wear them, so they cannot be returned.

    Additional shipping charges apply outside the United States.

    All AST Products are made in The City Of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham, WA USA.