Lift and Support Harness for Dogs of All Sizes. Great for Aging, Arthritic, Injured, or Amputee Dogs
  • Medium Dog Harness - AST Get-a-Grip Dog Lift Harness, for 27"-34" Chest


    The AST Get-a-Grip Harness, size Medium, is made to provide support and control for dogs that are recovering from injury or surgery and need help getting up, out, and around. Medium Grips are Green, and have two permanently-attached suitcase-style handles. Adjustable clip-on handles are available as an accessory, as is a duffel bag-style Shoulder Strap.

    These harnesses clip into place around the dog's limbs and torso, so you don't need to try to thread your dog's head or legs through loops of strap; just wrap, snap, and go. Once the initial adjustments have been made, it is that easy.

    Measure your dog's chest circumference at the largest point to determine if your dog is within the range of fit of the Medium Get-a-Grip Harness, 27"-34". Then, check the torso length leg-to-leg, as shown in the graphic above. The Medium Grip is designed for dogs with a torso length of 11" or more.
    ***The best way to check this measurement: Wrap a towel or pillowcase around your dog's torso, with the leading edge just behind the front legs, and the trailing edge folded to lay just in front of the rear legs. You can then remove the towel/pillowcase, lay it on the floor, and measure from the leading edge to the folded edge to get the torso length. This is usually more accurate than free-measuring along the side of a dog.

    If your dog's torso is too short for a Medium Grip, or too big around, have a look at our custom Pet Support Suit. Suits are custom-made to match your dog's measurements, no matter what the size. The wrap-around Velcro-sealed closure over the top of the torso gives even better support and control, plus all Support Suits come with adjustable clip-on handles. And, you get to pick the color!

    Additional shipping charges apply outside the United States.

    All AST products are made in The City Of Subdued Excitement, Bellingham, WA, USA.