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Custom Support harnesses for disabled dogs

Custom Support harnesses for disabled dogs

Custom Support harnesses for disabled dogsCustom Support harnesses for disabled dogs
Blind Dog, German Shepherd, Large Dog in Dog Harness for helping dog walk, or lifting dogs up.

Help your dog to get up, out, and around with our 

Get-a-Grip Dog Harness or our custom Pet Support Suit. 

About Us

AST: Because Your Dog Is Like No Other

Three Legged Dogs, amputee dogs, Tripods, and Tripawds love the support suit for its solid lift.

Our custom Support Suit is built to your dog's measurements, so you get a perfect fit, and maximum support, without slipping. We need just three measurements and your choice of color, and Suits are usually ready in about one week. Big, small, long, short, skinny, or fat... yeah, we can fit that!

Get Up, Get Out, And Get On With Life

Dogs with balance problems like Wobblers Syndrome can use our Get-a-Grip Dog Harness to aid mobility

Our Get-a-Grip Dog Harness is perfect for helping pets with balance problems, or recovery from injury or surgery. If you just dropped a bundle at the veterinarian, don't drop your dog and undo all of that progress; Get-a-Grip!

Wrap-Around Design, Durable Construction

Support Suits wrap around a dogs torso, providing sturdy lift & support for helping a dog on stairs

Our innovative wrap-around design means you never have to thread your dog's head or legs through loops of strap! Just Wrap, Snap, and Go! All of our products are made in the USA with durable materials and close attention to detail.

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