Support Suit vs. Get-a-Grip Harness: Dog support harness FAQs

X-Belly straps and an abdominal cut-out are features of both Support Suits and Get-a-Grip Harnesses.

Shared Features

X-Belly straps and an abdominal cut-out are features of both Support Suits and Get-a-Grip Harnesses. This photo of the underside of a Support Suit shows both. The cut-out accomodates male dogs, and the X-Belly straps form a solid platform of support beneath your pet.

Support Suit or Get-a-Grip Harness: Which should I get for my dog?

The answer depends on your needs. Generally, if you are going to be using the harness occasionally, for recreation, travel, first aid or short recovery from injury or surgery, the Get-a-Grip Harness™ will meet all of your needs. If you are looking at longer-term use, or if you have a full flight or more of stairs to traverse, you might wish to consider the Pet Support Suit™. Also, if your dog has a very long or short torso, or a very thin belly compared to the chest, and you’ve had trouble getting a good fit with other products, the Pet Support Suit™ is the one for your dog.

Key Differences Between Suits and Grips:

Fit: Get-a-Grip Harnesses are available in three standard sizes. Pet Support Suits are custom built to your dog’s measurements.

Wrap: Though the Grip and Suit share the same strap arrangement, the Support Suit has a wrap-around flap secured with Velcro®, to provide additional support and stability, while the Grip is “topless”, with only straps over the dog’s back.

Handles: Handles on the Get-a-Grip are permanently attached at a fixed length. Large size Grip Harnesses have four individual loop handles, and are designed to be used by two or more people. Handles on the Support Suit attach with nickel-plated clips, and are adjustable. Support Suit-style Clip-On Handles are available as an accessory for the Grip Harness.

Color: The color of the Grip is determined by the size. When ordering a Support Suit you can choose from Green, Black, Yellow, Red or Blue.

Time to ship: Grip Harnesses are ready to ship when ordered. Support Suits are usually ready to ship about three-five working days after we receive measurements.


Easy to Put On: Both types of dog support harnesses, Grips and Suits, are designed to wrap around a dog even if it can’t stand. There is no need to thread the head or legs through loops of strap! 

Heavy Duty Construction: We overbuild our Grips and Suits to provide strength and durability.

Materials: Grips and Suits feature rust-proof welded support rings at all four corners, and super strong 800lb-per-inch poly strap.

Washable: Warm water, regular cycle, hang dry.

Optional Shoulder Strap: Our Over-the-Shoulder Strap works like a shoulder strap on a duffel bag or large suitcase, to help you carry some of your dogs weight with your shoulder.

X-Belly Straps: Grips and Suits both have x-belly straps that cross underneath the torso to spread support and provide lift for the whole body.

Abdominal Cut-out: Grips and Suits both have a cut-out in the abdominal section to accommodate male anatomy and relieve pressure on the soft underbelly.

How are AST Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ different from other harnesses?

There is no need to thread your dog’s head or legs through loops of strap! Our Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ are designed to wrap around a dog’s body and clip on around the head and forelegs. This eliminates the difficulties encountered when using many other harnesses. 

The wrap-around design and adjustable Bridge Strap™ allow AST Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ to fit properly and stay centered on any dog in their size range, to ensure that the lift you provide is centered under your dog.

Our X-Belly straps cross under the body, connecting the front and rear support straps, and creating a sling effect that lifts the whole dog at once. 

Padded belly, broad straps, and an abdominal cut-out keep Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ from uncomfortably binding or constricting a dog’s abdominal area.

Other FAQs

Are Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ easy to put on and take off?

Yes, even if your dog can’t stand up on its own; just wrap, snap and Go! Once you’ve made the initial strap adjustments to get the desired fit, it really is that easy. Taking one off is even easier– simply release the five clips (and peel the Velcro® in the case of the Support Suit) and it’s off in seconds flat! 

How long can my dog wear the Support Suit™ or Get-a-Grip Harness™?

Suits and Grips can remain on your dog for extended periods during the day, but we recommend removing them overnight. 

Are AST Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ washable?

Yes. Machine wash, warm, gentle cycle. Assemble the Suit/Grip before washing. Lay flat or hang - do not tumble dry.

What about male dogs?

Both Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ have an abdominal cut-out to reduce pressure on the soft underbelly and accommodate male dogs. 

Will the harness still fit well if my dog loses or gains weight?

Yes. Pet Support Suits™ and Get-a-Grip Harnesses™ are designed to fit a range of body sizes, so the fit should only be affected if its weight change is very extreme.